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Adaptive Lighting for Alertness
A new circadian lighting design software.

Solemma is collaborating with sleep experts at the Alertness CRC in Australia on the development of ALFA -- Adaptive Lighting for Alertness -- a new circadian lighting design software for architects and lighting professionals. AFLA will support the calculation of circadian lux from the earliest phases of the design process onward, to help optimize both the visual and non-visual benefits of lighting.

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Works with Rhino

ALFA: Adaptive Lighting for Alertness is a new circadian lighting design software that comes with an enhanced user interface that is embedded into the Rhino3d ecosystem.

Spectral Renderings

Create 81-channel spectral renderings from multiple view positions. Toggle between photopic and melanopic falsecolors, rotate spherical images in place, and get view- and pixel-based spectral measurements.

Spectral Skies

Queue up physically accurate spectral skies for any location on Earth. ALFA includes clear, hazy, and overcast skies generated using the libRadtran radiative transfer library.

Spectral Lighing Materials

Assign materials to your 3d model using ALFA's extensive library. Choose from hundreds of measured spectral materials, or import custom glaing assemblies from LBNL's International Glazing Database.


Import IES files and browse dozens of measured luminaire source spectra. Choose alerting (high M/P) or calming (low M/P) sources depending on your application.

Melanopic Lux

Calculate equivalent melanopic lux (EML), M/P ratios, and WELL Circadian Lighting Design credit eligibility using ALFA's 81-channel, Radiance-based raytracer.