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Video Tutorials

Interface Overview

How to navigate the ClimateStudio interface in Rhinoceros 3D Download Rhino file


Lighting Model Setup

How to setup a daylight and electric light model Download Rhino file

Daylight Availability Study

How to conduct an annual daylight availability simulation for LEEDv4 credit compliance Download Rhino file

LEEDv4 Daylight Simulation-Iterative

How to conduct multiple iterative studies for LEEDv4 credit compliance Download Rhino file

ClimateStudio Annual Glare Analysis

How to conduct an annual daylight glare probability study throughout a space Download Rhino file

ClimateStudio Daylighting Overview

Webinar on ClimateStudio Daylighting recorded on March 24, 2020 Download Rhino file

ClimateStudio Energy Overview

Webinar on ClimateStudio Energy recorded on March 26, 2020 Download Rhino file

Introduction to ClimateStudio Energy for Grasshopper

How to navigate the ClimateStudio Energy interface in Grasshopper

ClimateStudio Energy | Shoebox EUI Study

Getting started with thermal modeling in EnergyPlus. This video takes the viewer through an energy use intensity (EUI) study of a simple shoebox model.

ClimateStudio Energy | Thermal Zone Settings

A detailed description of key thermal zone settings in ClimateStudio.

ClimateStudio Energy | Parametric Energy Modeling in Grasshopper

How to parametrically change zone settings for a thermal analysis.

ClimateStudio Energy | Natural and Hybrid Ventilation

How to set up a natural ventilation simulation in Grasshopper.

ClimateStudio Energy | Multi-Zone Energy Modeling

How to build a multi-zone energy model using Grasshopper.

ClimateStudio Energy | Getting To Net Zero

How to balance operational building energy use with on-site photovoltaics.